Why alfanar?

Not just an employer, but a career partner

At alfanar, what sets us apart from others is the difference that we make in the lives of our people. In addition to the regular things that employees look for in an organization, including benefits, job security, career growth and development, we make sure that each and every employee in alfanar receive the highest level of appreciation, care and respect regardless of his/her grade. We consider our employees as an essential component contributing to our long-term success. In fact, alfanar owes its success to its dedicated employees and believes in rewarding them for their contributions and hard work. Our comprehensive Total Rewards Package and training programs along with the variety of career growth opportunities make alfanar an exceptional industry leader to begin and grow your career with. This is your gateway to growth and success!

Our Core Values

Excellence, Professionalism, Transparency and Integrity are our core values that drive success at alfanar.
We are committed to incorporate these core values in our work processes, products, and services.
These core values meet in a special blend to connect every individual in a
group that represents commitment, responsibility,
cooperation, and respect for each other.