Work Environment

alfanar is focused on creating a healthy, productive, and enjoyable environment for its employees. We believe in providing our employees with the right kind of work environment that fosters team spirit and collaborative work, which is ultimately reflected in the quality of products and services we provide to our customers.

The culture of alfanar paves the way for all members to achieve their highest productivity levels. Various social activities, such as Annual Day Parties, Lunch and Iftar Parties, Sports tournaments, etc..., are organized regularly to bring an increased cohesiveness among the employees and create a family atmosphere.

Our commitment to provide the best working conditions and promote a healthy work-life environment for our employees has been widely recognized and acknowledged in the industry. alfanar has already been featured in the “10 Best Saudi Companies to Work For”, a comprehensive list prepared by a leading Publication to recognize Top Employers from various industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.